European Vehicle Diagnostic, Service and Repair

European Vehicle Diagnostic, Service and Repair

The experience and tooling required by a specialist.

Your European vehicle needs to be a smooth running, elegant and easy to use. Sometimes it can cause you upset and needs repairing. Keeping your European vehicle on the road in the US shouldn’t be hard. Which is why the right team of technicians with the right skill set need to investigate and fix your issue in the shortest timeframe.


At Gladney Automotive Solutions we have one of the few trained technicians in most of the major European vehicle brands including BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Audi, and Porsche.

Firstly, why does my European Car need servicing?


EU vehicles require servicing and regular inspections to make sure they run safely and do not break down. With each brand having their own service schedule, tight oil and part requirements and electronic systems to record services, it is vital that the correct measures take place when servicing the likes of BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and Land Rover vehicles.


At Gladney Automotive Solutions we have a range of dealership repair tools for major European brands. See below the types of dealership repair tools we use and how they help you with your repair.

Mercedes Servicing and Repair


The Mercedes brand has been around as long as the motor vehicle. This prestigious German manufacturer are known for exquisite luxury limousines, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. They have a highly engineered quality finish that boasts a wide range of tech and advanced features that make them stand out above the rest of the vehicles on the road.


Our technicians Tom Campbell and Ashley Baltmanis are trained in Mercedes specialist service program. The MB Drive program aims to train technicians and is a rigorous 4-month program designed to allow technicians to work in Mercedes-Benz Dealerships across the globe. MBDrive is the first course approved by the GI Bill benefits in the US and features all parts of a Mercedes Vehicle, including:


Electrical Systems, Telemetric Diagnostic Strategy, Workshop Processes, Steering/ Suspension, Information Systems, Brakes/Traction, Alignment, Engine Management, Engine Mechanics, Climate Control, Automatic Transmission.


We also cater to Mercedes Commercial vehicles including Sprinter vans. With Mercedes diagnostic equipment XENTRY, we can find any Mercedes system fault and perform the appropriate repair or service.


Our Mercedes Sprinter repairs include Servicing fleet vehicles, Sprinter camper conversion repairs, diesel engine inspection and repairs, ride height adjustments and wheel alignments and more.

Audi Servicing


Your Audi is a sporty elegantly designed vehicle. With a huge brand ownership that includes VW, Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini and more. You know you’re in good hands when you purchase an Audi. However, you do need to take care of them, and they can sometimes be troublesome. This is where Gladney Automotive Solutions come in.


With our dedicated European Vehicle technicians Tom Campbell, David Hofstetter and Kirk Holland, we are experts in all Audi servicing and repairs. Thanks to their ASE certification and continuous Audi training they have gone above and beyond to understand the ins and outs of Audi vehicles and know how to fix all kinds of issues. Using ODIS, an OEM approved diagnostic tool, we can get to the root cause of Audi faults immediately.


ODIS is the system used to code keys, perform software updates, protect components, has technical bulletins, and informs users of the steps needed to perform the vehicle repair – directly from the manufacturer. ODIS has been around since 2014 and caters to all VW group vehicles. This means we cater to VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Bentley vehicles.

BMW Servicing and Repair


Known for being the Ultimate Driving Machine, BMW’s certainly turn heads, have an heir of luxury and quality that can’t be found anywhere else. With their unique designs, they are a staple in the modern-day automotive world. Now crammed with tech features and exciting driving modes, your BMW sometimes needs repair and inspection.


At Gladney Automotive Solutions our European Vehicle technicians, Tom Campbell and Kirk Holland are experts in all BMW servicing and repairs. Being ASE certified, they know the ins and outs of repairing BMW vehicles, along with servicing and maintenance schedules.


BMW uses ISTA to diagnose and program inner workings of their vehicles. It is the dealership tool recommended by BMW and contains the necessary code to reprogram keys, fix software issues, troubleshoot vehicle systems, and identifies BMW vehicles showing their history.


It also provides us with genuine OEM repair steps for any type of repair. Leaving our customers safe in the knowledge their BMW repair is being handled the correct way.

Land Rover Servicing and Repair


The luxury and capable British brand are known for taking you on adventures. With their advanced 4-wheel drive, terrain control systems and adjustable air suspension, Land Rovers are the ultimate off-roaders. As Land Rover is now part of the JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) group, they now have high earning celebrities sitting behind the wheel as they cruise in ultimate luxury.


With the prestigious brand coming all the way from Europe, it is vital they are maintained and repaired correctly for our US roads and driving culture.


When taking your Land Rover in for repair, you need to be sure it is being handled by experienced technicians. Tom Campbell and Kirk Holland are our experts in all Jaguar and Land Rover servicing and repairs. Being ASE certified from Land Rover, they know the ins and outs of Land Rover and Range Rover repairs.


Using the OEM dealership approved tool, SDD, we can explore the faults in detail. With our trained technicians being experts in Land Rover tools, the problem can be found and fixed in no time.


SDD stands for Symptom Driven Diagnostics and gives detailed information on the fault and instructions on how the manufacturer would fix.

Volvo Service and Repairs


Volvo are a long-standing Swedish brand who are known for producing the safest vehicles on the market. Nowadays, Volvo cars produce the best luxury SUVs which have a host of features and provides entertainment for all the family. When any of these systems go wrong, it can be difficult for a garage to inspect and repair such a rare European vehicle. Luckily, Gladney Automotive Solutions are here to help.


We have industry trained technicians who have vast knowledge on repairing Volvo vehicles. Having worked on Volvo and other European vehicle brands in the past, Tom Campbell and Kirk Holland are experts in all Volvo repairs and maintenance procedures. Being ASE certified in major European brands, they know the ins and outs of repairing European vehicles - including Volvo.


Volvo use VIDA, a dealership tool provided to authorized repair shops. VIDA stands for Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for After sales and is a software subscription package that houses parts and service information, wiring diagrams and can install software onto Volvo vehicles.


The yearly subscription is very expensive and is often overlooked by aftermarket repair shops. With Gladney Automotive Solutions, we have the approved VIDA tool and leave nothing to guess work. Making sure each Volvo is handled in the best way possible, with a quick turnaround time.

Porsche Service and Repair


Known for the classic 911, performance SUVs and the modern Electric Taycan, Porsche are an exciting German brand whose vehicles handle exceptionally. Your Porsche is a fine-tuned engineering masterpiece and it’s important that it is properly maintained for reliability and longevity.


Sometimes your Porsche may throw up a warning light or needs to be serviced. This is where Gladney Automotive Solutions comes in. With our trained technicians and approved dealership tools we can fix your Porsche the right way.

Using PIWIS, Porsche’s official diagnostic tool we are able to dive deep into the vehicles systems to properly diagnose and fix the issue in no time. PIWIS stands for Porsche Integrated Workshop Information System and provides vehicle data and ECU information. With trouble code readability and gives users all wiring diagrams for all recent Porsche vehicles. It is the most advanced and newest diagnostics system and even works with the new Taycan Electric model.


Advantages of Using European Dealer Tools for Repairs


Generic diagnostic system readers often only provide the fault code when a vehicle is being scanned. The information can be limited, and a user cannot easily repair the vehicle. A technician may need time for researching the issue and ultimately takes longer for your vehicle to be repaired.


With European dealership tools such as BMW ISTA, Mercedes XENTRY, Jaguar Land Rover SDD, VW Group ODIS we have the exact tool recommended by the manufacturer. This includes specific vehicle models that are being scanned. Identifying the fault quickly reduces vehicle downtime, part sourcing time and cost on labor.


If you have a European vehicle that needs repair or servicing, then head to Gladney Automotive Solutions today. We are your European vehicle specialists.

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