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College Station BMW Repair and Service

BMW's History

BMW, which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, was founded in 1916 and produced plane engines. After World War I, the company shifted its focus to motorcycles and then to automobiles in the 1930s. Throughout its history, BMW has established a reputation for high-performance and luxury vehicles. With innovative designs and advanced technology.

BMW in the EV Space

In recent years, BMW has increased its focus on developing electric vehicles. To meet the growing demand for sustainable transportation. The BMW i4, BMW iX, and BMW i7 are some of the newest electric models introduced and are making their way into the US market. BMW's electric vehicles are designed to be both environmentally friendly and high performing. With features like fast charging and long-range capabilities.

College Station BMW Repair and Service - Gladney Automotive Solutions LLC

About Gladney Automotive

Gladney Automotive provide high-quality car repair services. Serving the residents of College Station, Texas for three decades. Our local workshop takes pride in delivering expert technical knowledge. Keeping our customers' vehicles running smoothly.

Our experienced mechanics specialize in repairing BMW vehicles, including the BMW i4, BMW iX, and BMW i7. We use state-of-the-art equipment too. Offering a full range of car repair services, including routine maintenance and complex motor repairs. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and reliability has earned us a loyal following in the local market.

Gladney Automotive Solutions

At Gladney Automotive, we offer a wide range of repair services for BMW vehicles:

  • Routine maintenance, such as servicing and brake repairs.
  • Engine and motor diagnostics and repairs, including for EV models like the BMW i4, BMW iX, and BMW i7.
  • New tire sales and installation to ensure optimal performance and safety on the road.
  • Mile interval servicing. Which includes comprehensive inspections and replacement of key components at recommended mileage intervals.

We also offer specialized services for BMW electric vehicles. Including battery maintenance, restoration, and diagnostics.

BMW New Tire Sales

At Gladney Automotive, we are dedicated to providing our customers with an extensive selection of new tires. Including the i7 and iX, to ensure the greatest performance and safety on the road. Our team of experienced technicians work with BMW EV owners to recommend the best tires. We base this on their driving habits and budget.

We offer a variety of top-quality tire brands to choose from. Our tire sales services include professional installation too. Ensuring that your vehicle is in top condition before leaving our workshop. As a trusted provider of high-quality services. We are the preferred destination for new tire sales for BMW EV owners.

Use our handy tool here to select your next set of tires. Provide the details of your BMW EV model and driving requirements. We will provide you with a selection of matching tires to choose from. You select the tires, and we will install them for you.

BMW Condition-Based Servicing

For petrol or diesel models: BMW's iDrive system utilizes a condition-based service plan. Providing drivers with alerts when a service is required for specific components. If the component does not need service, the iDrive system will indicate an "OK" message. 

However, if a service is necessary, a warning triangle will appear. This notifies the driver that it's time to schedule maintenance. Ignoring the warning could lead to the suboptimal performance of the BMW. With expensive repairs in the future.

To determine when the next service is needed, the Condition Based Servicing model takes into account several factors. This includes the engine oil sensors, distance driven, fuel consumed, and driving conditions. 

Temperature, terrain type, and driving style can all affect the recommended service intervals. 

Light driving conditions. Such as normal ambient temperatures. Or flat city driving, driving without long periods of engine idling. This may require service every 7,500-10,000 miles. Moderate driving conditions. Including off-road or hilly driving, long periods in hot or cold temperatures, or towing. This may require service every 5,000-7,499 miles. Extreme driving conditions. As lots of off-road and mountain driving, towing with heavy loads, driving in hot or cold temperatures, or idling for extended periods. This needs a service every 3,000-4,999 miles.

BMW EV models have specific service intervals based on mileage. This ensures that the car operates well and detects potential issues before they become major problems. These service intervals vary depending on the model but typically include service at 10,000, 20,000, and 30,000-mile intervals. With significant service milestones at 40,000 and 60,000-mile intervals.

At Gladney Automotive, we offer specialized services for BMW EV models. This includes routine maintenance services at recommended mileage intervals. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and expertise to perform these services. Ensuring that your BMW EV remains in top condition.

We also provide high-quality repair services for EVs. Including battery maintenance, restoration, and diagnostics. With our focus on customer satisfaction and high-quality services. We are the trusted destination for BMW EV owners in the College Station area. Contact us today to schedule your BMW EV service appointment.

EV Charging for your BMW.

As car owners shift towards electric vehicles, it's important to have access to charging stations. Gladney Automotive offers a variety of services related to EV charging and maintenance, including:

  • Help in choosing the right charging station for your home or workplace.
  • Routine maintenance and repairs for BMW electric vehicles, including the BMW i4, BMW iX, and BMW i7.

Our experienced technicians ensure that your BMW remains in top condition. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures we deliver quality services. We are the go-to destination for BMW owners in the College Station area.

BMW EV Battery Maintenance and Restoration

Proper maintenance and restoration are crucial for the optimal performance of BMW EVs. As EV batteries are subject to wear and tear. As well as temperature and charging patterns, they can lose their efficiency over time. If you see a reduction in your BMW EV's driving range or battery performance, it's time to have yours looked at.

At Gladney Automotive, our experienced technicians are trained to diagnose and repair battery issues in BMW EV models. We provide various battery maintenance services. Including battery cell replacement, reconditioning, and charging system checks. Using advanced diagnostic equipment to assess the battery's condition. After assessing the battery's condition, we provide you with a detailed report of any issues that require attention.

Frequent problems that can impact the battery efficiency of BMW electric vehicles consist of excessive heat, excessive charging, insufficient charging, and a decrease in capacity. Our team can identify and fix these issues, ensuring that your BMW EV remains reliable and efficient. Don't hesitate to contact us at Gladney Automotive if you need battery maintenance or restoration services for your BMW EV. We're committed to keeping your BMW EV running at peak performance.

How Gladney Automotive Can Help

At Gladney Automotive, we offer a comprehensive range of services specifically designed for BMW EV models, including:

  • Module programming
  • Pre- and post-collision repair scanning
  • Electronic repair services
  • EV services (including isolation and bonding tests)
  • Electrical diagnostic services
  • ADAS calibrations to ensure safety features are functioning correctly
  • Key sales and theft recovery rekey services
  • Wheel repair and reconditioning
  • Mechanical repair for light and medium-duty vehicles
  • Wiring repair and harness repairs
  • Tire sales and wheel services, including new tire sales, mounting, and balancing
  • Wheel alignments using state-of-the-art Hunter alignment machines
  • AC evacuation and recharge (R1234YF)
  • Specializing in locating back ordered parts fast

Our certified technicians have earned ASE and I-CAR certifications. Meaning they have the necessary skills to carry out these services on your BMW electric model. Guaranteeing the safety and optimal performance of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment or contact Gladney Automotive. We are your nearby expert BMW garage located in College Station.

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