Tesla Car Maintenance

Tesla Car Maintenance:

 Gladney Automotive Solutions in College Station TX has you covered

Tesla is one of the most famous automotive brands that produce consumer electric vehicles ranging from SUVs to pickup trucks. They have established their dominance in the domain of electric cars and have already sold more than 200,000 units, with hundreds of thousands of others already pre-booked. Electric vehicles are based on new technology and are entirely different from fuel cars. Fuel vehicles are much more common, and their repair and maintenance are much easier and cost-friendly.


Consumers who drive electric vehicles are always looking out for automotive repair facilities with a team of experts who are entirely familiar with the technology and design of EVs. Well, the search for all such consumers is now over for College Station. Whether it is Tesla Model X or S, Tesla Model 3, Model Y or the Tesla Roadster, Gladney Automotive Solutions has you all covered. Gladney Automotive Solutions is loaded with equipment to service your Tesla and keeps a large inventory of Tesla parts. Few examples; batteries, tires, suspension, brakes, key card, filters, fluids, wiper blades.


What to expect?

Gladney Automotive Solutions in College Station TX  has the diagnostic tools to identify faults in your Tesla. Whether it is an issue with the autopilot and cruise control or the failed power steering system, our expert team reaches the diagnosis. Dealing with occasional loss of power and other battery problems is easy for our experts. Gladney sells Tesla tires, performs Tesla wheel alignments and the Tesla ADAS calibrations. Our experts and technicians value your investment entirely and treat the car as if it were theirs. Our only goal is to see a satisfied customer and a car with a new life as soon as both leave the College Station workshop. Positive customer reviews are evidence of our loyalty to our customers.




Tesla ADAS Calibration:

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. This system is the most advanced and secure in the Tesla. It is placed to help the drivers whether driving in the city or on longer routes. It consists of a combination of AI and complex electrical circuits, along with a bunch of sensors that detect the position of other objects relative to the car and ensure safe autonomous driving. Since it is a combination of electrical circuits, wires, and sensors, it is not rare for the ADAS system to get deranged or go out of calibration. The safety of the drivers and passengers is our priority here at Gladney Automotive Solutions in College Station.


Our experts ensure that all the sensors are working perfectly fine, and all the wires are in their place. This enhances the security and efficiency of this system multiple times. If you even get a hint that ADAS Calibration is out of order, pay a visit to our Gladney Calibration Center and get the problem fixed in the least possible duration without any hassle.


Tesla Diagnostics:

Tesla is also famous for installing high-quality screens in its consumer electric vehicles. What the consumers see on the screen is just a fragment of the complex system involved in maintaining the coordination of all the vehicle parts. Whenever any door is open, or the seatbelt is out of place, it gives an indication on the main screen. Similarly, the system will indicate that on the screen when the Tesla car undergoes an internal issue, which might include the batteries or the electric motors. Now, most people do not get these cues. This is where Gladney Automotive Solutions comes to help.


Our experts are familiar with all the computer systems, and they can easily track that visual cue to the internal problem and fix that issue with your Tesla car. If you ever feel any unusual symbol or warning showing on the screen, just pay us a visit at Gladney Automotive Solutions in College Station, and we will be glad to resolve the issue.


Moreover, we believe in using the highest quality tools to replace or diagnose any problem with your Tesla. Our experts are ASE certified with a lot of experience in these domains, and we only believe in using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) tools to diagnose any problem. Our services include, but are not limited to:


Electrical repair and diagnostics

• Maintenance and Inspections services

• Suspension repair and service

Wheel Alignment

Tire and Wheel Services, including new tires and wheel refinishing

• Drivetrain diagnostics

∙ Repair scanning before or after a collision

∙ ADAS calibration and problem diagnostics


Tesla Toolbox 3:

Tesla ToolBox 3 is software that literally allows you to see through your car and find out if there is any problem. Recently, Tesla has also given ToolBox 3 access to consumers, but most of them cannot diagnose the problem since they do not have any experience with vehicle diagnostics. But ToolBox 3 becomes an invincible weapon in the hands of our experts. It allows them to look for all minor details and decide on the appropriate repair approach.


Gladney Automotive Solutions is loaded with the proper tools and technological equipment to use this software to its full extent. This ensures that not a single defect in your Tesla goes undiagnosed.


Tesla spare parts:

One of the most challenging tasks that Tesla users have reported is finding the original spare parts at affordable costs. We ensure the presence of all the original spare parts at our College Station TX location so that our valuable customers do not have to search the entire country for original spare parts.


Minor mishaps can lead to a broken door handle, a side mirror, or some suspension parts. All these parts and others are available at our outlet and customers can purchase these at affordable prices.


Tesla 12V battery replacement:

Besides the primary battery, which powers the motors, Tesla also comes with a 12V battery that powers the smaller equipment, including lights, power window motors, and wiper motors. Any dysfunction in these pieces of equipment requires a replacement of the 12V battery.


We take honor in stating that we offer original and top-notch 12V batteries to customers, which stay functional for much longer. Since these are from Tesla itself, they fit and function exceptionally well in your Tesla consumer electric vehicle.




Tesla Tires and suspension parts:

Is your Tesla feeling a little bit less comfortable than before? Can you feel that the bumps are more prominent than before? The issue might be with the tires or the suspension parts. Continuous long-range drives take a toll on these parts, and they might need to be replaced for the car to get a new life. Apart from the top-notch quality and second-to-none feel, the tires and suspension parts we offer here at Gladney Automotive Solutions in College Station TX are original and straight from Tesla. This increases the comfort level of our customers, as they feel more comfortable using spare parts from the same company.


Tesla Charger:

Even though Tesla has not stated it, it is a general observation that charging your Tesla from a non-Tesla charger might slowly drain the life of your car’s battery. Secondly, people are more comfortable charging their cars from chargers of the same company. We have a Tesla level 2 destination charger installed at Gladney Automotive Solutions in College Station TX location that allows your Tesla to be charged as our experts find and solve the issue.


Moreover, consumers can use this facility anytime day or night to obtain valuable miles on the EV battery. Gladney Automotive Solutions in College Station TX is just the place for people who look to get their cars charged and repaired under the same roof.


Offers and discounts:

We believe in providing as much comfort to consumers as possible. Therefore, a lot of discounts and coupons are active throughout the year. Currently, consumers can get a $25 voucher that they can redeem on a car service worth $150 or more.


To keep consumers cool during the summer, we are offering 50% off on A/C inspection services. New customers receive a 20% off on wheel alignment and key card services. What else can anybody ask for? Visit the website at https://gladneyautomotive.com/ or call/text us at tel:9793998928  for an appointment!




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