Rivian Trucks: Pros, Cons and Maintenance Tips

Rivian Trucks: Pros, Cons and Maintenance Tips

Rivian is emerging as a potential competitor to Ford F-150 Lightning and Tesla Cybertruck. Recently, Rivian introduced its R1S consumer electric SUV, which is the perfect package for any family. A few things that you must know before opting to buy Rivian R1S are:


The launch edition was priced at $90,000, but it was not the base model. The base model, named the Explore Model by the company, starts from $72,500. This price is arguable, but there are only a few family cars that provide ample space and luxury. The cherry on top is that it will be eligible for the Tax Credit in the upcoming months.



This electric SUV should be on your list's top if you a fan of the following features:


Quick acceleration:

The SUV goes from 0-60mph in mere 3.1 seconds. This gets all that adrenaline pumping through your veins. This figure becomes all the more impressive when considering the car's seating capacity.


A perfect family car:

Looking for an SUV for long rides with your family or enjoying a road trip with your friends? Well, look no further than this vehicle, then.



This powerhouse supplies 316 miles of range once fully charged. You will forget there is something named range anxiety even.


Spacious interior and cargo area:

The SUV has a 12 cubic foot front trunk, ensuring everyone is seated comfortably. A large rear cargo area in the rear accommodates all your gear.


Off-road capability:

This vehicle is an off-road king of SUVs. Its performance is comparable to most top-notch trucks, designed especially for rugged areas.



Use the facility of a level two charger at the Gladney Automotive College Station to get up to 25 miles of range in only an hour.



The following facts can divert some potential customers towards seeking other options.


Slightly higher starting price:

Some people might not be comfortable with a starting price tag of around $70,000, and that too for the base model with the basic features. However, others might think of it as worth their money. It just depends on what you are looking for.


No Apple Car Play or Android Auto:

These entertainment facilities are becoming popular and a part of people's daily lives. Eliminating them might make Rivian lose some potential customers.


How to have your Rivian R1S Serviced or Maintained?

Around 2.3 million electric vehicles (including plug-in hybrids) adorn the roads of the US, according to a survey conducted last year. These cars would need maintenance one day or the other. But finding the best maintenance providers who care for your vehicle just like you do is difficult. This is where Gladney Automotive College Station outclasses all the other competitors. Our expert team ensures your vehicle is in safe hands.

Moreover, you can also enjoy a lot of discounts throughout the year. What else can someone ask for? Head over to gladneyautomotive.com for all the details.


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