GMC Hummer EV Truck and SUV: Features and Maintenance

GMC Hummer EV Truck and SUV: Features and Maintenance

GMC has announced its entry into consumer EVs by introducing Hummer EV trucks and SUVs. People have already shown so much interest in both vehicles that it has overwhelmed the company. There have been 100,000 pre-bookings of the vehicles, and the company has delivered only around 750 of those. One of them has already been sold at 2.5 times the original price, at about $250,000, at an auction.

Here are some of the features and maintenance options that might interest the readers:



The three-motor version of the vehicle enters the market at a price tag of $106,645. At the same time, the base model with 625hp and 250 miles of range will come at $86,645. This might seem like a huge price tag, but the features we discuss net will blow your mind.





GMC Hummer EV is packed with many cool features that have attracted customers from competitor companies. Here are some of the unique features to look out for:


Insane acceleration:

Both consumer electric vehicles are loaded with powerful engines which provide insane acceleration to the vehicle, regardless of its size. The SUV goes from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds, whereas the pickup achieves this feat in mere 3s. This makes these vehicles the best driving choice on highways and off road paths.



GMC has taken a step further and made a massive leap toward autonomous driving. Super cruise allows the customers to take their hands off the steering wheels and rest while driving along compatible roads. Also, GMC has coupled this feature with pre- and post-collision breaking to add another safety barrier in case of any mishap.


Super comfortable interior:

The SUV and the pickup have been designed keeping the off road tracks in mind. While the vehicle's exterior is rugged and tough, the inside is equally comfortable and enjoyable. All those bumps and uneven roads do not affect your comfortable ride. The luxury seats and premium shock absorbers ensure you don't even feel the slightest discomfort during the travel.


Excellent infotainment:

GMC has installed two high-quality screens in this beast, ensuring that your travel is not without ample entertainment. One of the screens, which measures 12.3 inches diagonally, is placed in front of the driver, just behind the steering wheel. It keeps the driver constantly updated about the condition of the vehicle. The other screen is centrally mounted and measures 13.4 inches diagonally. It is a touch screen with customizable positioning. It allows the driver to drag the screen nearer or farther for a better view.


Enormous cargo space:

GMC Hummer EV pickup and SUV both provide enormous cargo space, so you don't have to compromise on the seating capacity. The SUV goes a step ahead and offers folding seats in the back, further increasing cargo space when the seats are not being used.



This feature uses the 4x4 technology used in the SUV and pickup. The rear wheels can tilt 10 degrees inside or outside to ensure that the vehicles pass through narrow passages without damaging the exterior. No other noticeable SUV offers such features in the market. This depicts how closely GMC has monitored the customers' needs before designing the vehicles.


Extract mode:

Usually, off-road tracks are blocked by rocks. Similarly, you might encounter a stream of fast-flowing water while traveling to the mountains. GMC Hummer has got you covered in both conditions. Just activate the air suspension, raising the vehicle about 6 inches, giving you more ground clearance and allowing you to traverse those patches easily. This feature is available in pickup and SUVs both.



GMC has installed up to 18 cameras on the pickup and 17 on the SUV to provide the driver with a 360 degrees panoramic view. The image from all the cameras is displayed on the main screen, and the driver can pull the screen closer to have a closer look. Moreover, the high-resolution screen ensures that the minute details are visible to the driver. This gives rest to the neck and allows you to navigate the vehicle easily through tight spots.


Range and Charging:

Hummer EV provides up to 329 miles of range on a single charge. Moreover, it supports DC fast charging that can give up to 100 miles in 10 minutes. However, the most used chargers are still the level 2 ones. Visit Gladney Automotive College Station to use our top-notch, high-quality level 2 charger.



Maintenance and Service:

Off road trips take a toll on the Car's health and require service and maintenance to reach its full potential.

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