Automotive Wheel Repair at Absolute Wheel Tech's

Automotive Wheel Repair

Gone are days of dodgy repair jobs and limited paint choices. Now with multi-finish options and custom colors, your wheels can become truly unique and be repaired efficiently using the most advanced processes.

Your Wheels are the ultimate center piece for your car. You want to keep them in the best condition for car shows, family events and for higher resale value. With a host of techniques out there, it’s hard to understand where to begin.

Why do I need good wheels?


When you drive along, passersby admire cars by their wheels. Making yours stand out will ensure that others will admire your vehicle and style. Plus, having healthy alloy wheels is vital for your safety. As damaged wheels do not rotate evenly, they can leak air out of the tires and even tiny cracks can lead to wheel buckling and serious accidents. It is essential that you have good condition wheels when driving.

How do Alloy Wheels Get Damaged?


Alloys get damaged most often by being in contact with another object. Curbs are common causes for wheel damage, as they are low enough to come into contact with your alloys and are always present when you park on city streets. When coming into contact with a curb, material and paint are removed and can leave your wheels exposed to the elements. This exposure leads to rust and further paint stripping.


A wheel rim can also be damaged in an area that is hidden from view. When driving over potholes or hard objects, the rim can buckle, crack, and cause unsafe driving conditions. Ideally you need to get your wheels checked out if you have an accident, or after a puncture. Just to see if they are in suitable condition to drive.


It’s also important to note that wheel repair costs vary, depending on how much damage it has and the type of wheel your vehicle is equipped with. Getting a wheel repair expert with wide industry knowledge is essential for vehicle safety.

How to get your wheels fixed and upgraded


No matter what your wheel needs are, Tim and Rosa at Absolute Wheel Tech’s are here to help. With extensive industry knowledge we have the tools to repair and customize your rims. See our range of services below:




Cosmetic and Curb Damage


When your alloy gets damaged in the parking lot or by rocks and debris, we can fix it. Scrapes, scratches, chips, and pitting repairs is what we are experts on. Our team use the most advanced technology to restore your wheels to former glory.


Painted Wheels


Our leading industry technicians work away to repair damaged wheels. They prime and paint the wheels before finishing them off with layer of clear coat to make them really stand out. Colors are then matched to the original paint and finished off. The whole process often takes less than an hour.


Polished Wheels


For restoring the shine - polishing your wheels is the best option. The clear coat layer is carefully removed before the polishing process can begin. Once worked on, your wheels shine so bright – no matter what surface damage had occurred. If your wheels are cloudy, oxidized or scratched then get yours polished today.


Machined Wheels


A CNC machine will take away a layer from the face of the wheels to restore it to an exceptional finish. Similar to polishing, the clear coat layer is removed and restored to clear any damage, brighten the look, and leave an outstanding finish.


Corrosion Repair


When your paint peels or is stripped back, corrosion often starts bubbling up and produces uneven, rusty spots on your wheels. Brake dust, acid cleaners and road salts all make the problem worse. Your tires may even have a slow puncture due to inner corrosion – All of these are fixed with corrosion repair from Absolute Wheel Tech’s.


Center Cap Restoration


Tired looking center caps? Want to keep the originals instead of a knock-off set from aftermarket sellers? Then have your center caps restored with Absolute Wheel Tech’s. We can even customize them to a color of your choice.

Wheel Customization


The best way to showcase your cars look! Custom wheel colors and finishes make your unique style stand out above the rest. Upgrade the look of your rims without the need to buy new and expensive wheels.


We have a range of color and finish options including matte, satin, or gloss. Customized by our in-house technicians who are experts in their field. Powder coating or traditional painting is available. A finish that lasts, is superior quality and protected from all the elements.

Factory Wheel sales


Our expertise on wheels makes it easy to source your original factory wheels, no matter the make and model. Our team can reach out to our network of wheel suppliers and car brands to source wheels and transform your car, providing whichever look you’re going for!

Aftermarket wheel sales


For that custom look, why not head to our aftermarket wheel section? With the latest designs to match the look you’re going for, get your aftermarket wheels installed with Absolute Wheel Tech’s.

Chrome Rims


Multi-layer chrome finishing is the correct way to chrome plate your wheels. With chemical etching, adding the layer of copper plating, shining, adding a layer of nickel, then chrome solution and finishing with a rinse. This often takes multiple days to produce the correct chrome plating. We at Absolute Wheel Tech’s perform chrome plating to the highest standard, contact us today.

Brake Caliper Restoration


If your brakes are not working as they should then use our Brake Caliper Restoration service. We cater to all makes and models and can restore and rebuild brake calipers. Brake calipers get worn out over time. This is due to dirt and debris being left on the calipers, causing the paint and protection to decompose and leave you with a tired looking, rusty, and possibly dangerous condition of your brake calipers.


When you want to upgrade your cars design, we restore and repaint your brake calipers to give it that look you always wanted. Get in touch today!

Ceramic Coating


To finish the look of your rims and for that ultimate protection. Ceramic coating not only makes your wheels look the part, but it also acts as a barrier against debris such as brake dust and mud. Leaving your wheels with that glossy finish and making them super easy to clean.


The nontoxic, environmentally friendly ceramic coating saves you money in the long run and is safe to use on all of your wheels.

New Tires


We wouldn’t be a wheel restorer without renewing and selling new tires!


Our expert technicians are on hand to replace your old or punctured tire. We also rebalance using lasers and appropriate weights - fitting your new tires in a matter of minutes!


Plus our team are tire experts who give great advice on which tires you need for your vehicle and environment.



Wheels and tires are what keeps you going. If any are damaged, or not looking the part, then it could be unsafe. It can be costly to replace them and can leave your car looking old and tired if not treated. Also, rusty brake calipers do not look good. If your calipers have lost their shine then Absolute Wheel Tech’s are here to help!


Using the correct formula that has been perfected by our industry technicians, we can restore and repaint all types of wheels. We know that advanced preparation is key. Our tools can remove the top layers of paint and scratches and completely remove any wheel damage.


Leaving your wheels with a smooth, glossy finish when you leave our workshop.

How Absolute Help You with Your Wheels


At Absolute Wheel Tech’s, we have the expert technicians, tools, and equipment to fix all types of wheel damage. If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your alloys whilst repairing the scratches and marks then you’re in the right place!


We transform our customers’ wheels making them look as good as new again.

Check out examples of our most recent work here.


If you have a classic Chevy that needs chrome plating for that classic car meet, or a modern BMW that you want to restore your wheels to brand new condition – head to see Tim at Absolute Wheel Tech’s today!

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